3.5 Cancer Clinical Trial Enrollment

In this lesson you will learn how institutions, healthcare providers, and patient characteristics can impact enrollment and representation in clinical trials. This lesson also covers how Citizen Scientists can play a crucial role in this research process. Some questions to consider while completing this lesson include: 

  • What are the main categories of barriers to clinical trial enrollment? 
  • How can health care providers impact the outcomes in clinical trial enrollment? 
  • How can Citizen Scientists influence the outcomes in clinical trial enrollment? 

Learning Objectives 

  • Identify the main institutional barriers to clinical trial enrollment 
  • Discuss how provider barriers can impact representation in clinical trial enrollment 
  • Provide examples of patient barriers to clinical trial enrollment  

Video Tutorial

Presented By: Carma Bylund

Practice Assessment

Instructions: After watching the video tutorial, complete the following practice assessment. Choose the best answer for each question, and check your response for immediate feedback.

Reflection Questions

The reflection questions are meant to support your understanding of the topic and give you an opportunity to reflect about the topic based on your own individual perspectives. There are no right or wrong answers.

  • Is the topic of clinical trial enrollment new to you?
  • Did anything in the video stand out to you?
  • How did it make you feel?

Additional Resources

The Need for Clinical Trial Navigators
This piece, written by a cancer survivor who participated in a clinical trial, details how the use of clinical trial navigators can help increase knowledge about, and participation in, clinical trials.

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