1.2 Patient Case Study: Part 1

Presented over several modules, this case study focuses on the story of Jeremy, a patient diagnosed with leukemia as a teenager. Through this story, you will hear from Jeremy, his parents, and his physician as they each discuss their journey through the course of the cancer diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship. In Part 1, you will hear from the patient perspective, including the difficulty in obtaining an accurate diagnosis.

Learning Objectives

  • List some of the alternative diagnoses the patient received prior to the final diagnosis
  • Discuss why the patient was not worried about enrolling in a clinical trial

Patient Case Study Video

Please note that in each of these case study videos, the experiences, thoughts, and outcomes presented are specific to these individuals and may not align with your own experiences. If you or a loved one have experience with cancer, these case study videos may cause you to recall past experiences of your own. Before moving to the next lesson, consider taking a moment to check in with yourself about how each of these videos make you feel. There is no “right” or “wrong” way to feel about this topic. More information about support services can be found through the National Cancer Institute.